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2024 ICF Cano Freestyle World Cup Series Plattling - Bulletin #2
Latest information on World Cup #1 & #2
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The Plattling Wave is located in a nature reserve and has served as a meeting place for the European freestyle scene for years. Every year there are training camps and all kinds of competitions. We have already organised many national championships, EuroCups, WorldCups, the European Championships 2016 and the World Championships 2011.

Since the World's, Plattling has been one of the most popular playspots in the world. The sections upper and below the wave offer numerous possibilities for first paddling attempts. The lower Isar below the feature is one of the most beautiful canoe tours in Bavaria. The Isar wave is the ideal training spot for beginners. Not only professionals appreciate the easy entrance and their large eddy. In summertime, the large green areas also attract numerous sun worshipers to chilling, refresh and barbecue. Not a few of them venture into the waves with short surfboards. So the Isarwave has already made a name for itself in the surfers scene.



Entries and accreditation requests must be made by the National Federation.


Numerical Entries 

  • Numerical entries close: 26 April 2024 

Nominal Entries

  • Nominal entries close: 16 May 2024 


These entries will be used to produce the accreditation cards for all teams. Entries or accreditation requests sent directly to the committee or the event organiser will NOT be accepted. 


Paddling on the Isarwave is free of charge. Make sure to check the water level online:

Best time is early summer and of course late summer and fall after solid rainfalls.





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